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Carolyn Monjoi aka MOJO the Mentor | 520.331.5833 | | facebooklink


Carolyn Monjoi (aka MOJO the Mentor) will guide you into affirming your uniqueness, your greatness and, yes, your brilliance.


Our MOJO is that positive spirit radiating inwardly and outwardly from us. It’s motion; it’s movement; it’s excitement; it’s fearlessness. It's a shift to an attitude of change and a willingness to be guided through that change to clarify your purpose, your joy and define that dream of yours. These are all of the reasons I created MOJO Consulting: just for you.

My guidance is designed for those of you who want to:

• have no feelings of limitation

• live a significant life with enthusiasm

• be lifelong learners

• be fearless

• age well by pursuing an inward journey, maintaining good health and identifying your passions

• discover your inner richness

• be a role model for the next generation by listening and sharing wisdom.


My focus is on those individuals:

• who have the desire to move in a new direction that gives them purpose and a new found excitement; and

•who as entrepreneurs are open to guidance, motivation and accountability to grow their business


This quote from John C. Crosby says it all: "Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction."


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